Sticker Charge Electrode

VECONTROL is well known firm famous for manufacturing innovative industrial products i.e. sticker charger is one of them. This sticker charger is useful during injection molding process to stick poly propylene / polyester films / thin biaxial oriented poly propylene films / water resistance films / fire protection film / photo sun film / flex board film / crystalline films / polystyrene foil material to the inner mold surface. Special care has been taken while designing and manufacturing of such high class products to match with the international quality and considering industrial safety standards & of course as per customers’ needs to satisfy them which are on the top priority. These machines are suitable for thin foil charging in injection molding and blow molding machine i.e. portable applications in domestic as well as industrial use.


  • plastic products,
  • Tumbler
  • Tiffin boxes
  • Water mugs, jugs, glass,serving trays, ice trays, buckets, plast water bags, wall clocks,
  • Thermal casseroles, compass box
  • Household thermal products,various gift items,decorative coasters
  • Sign boards
  • Logos on which injection molding process can be carry out

Key Features

  • Due to user friendly design & excellent clarity these static chargers have wide flexibility in operation
  • Superior Quality makes these equipment’s ease to use, no special skill is require to operate
  • For extreme safety, high quality of insulation material is used while manufacturing.
  • Free from any type of leakage currents as well as shocks i.e. shock proof design.
  • Strict quality check at each stage of production makes these machines suitable for wide range of multiple of applications.
  • These static chargers are sealed hermetically to enhance the utilization in extreme weather condition.
  • Absolutely zero maintenance makes these machines for trouble free operation over a lifelong period.
  • Suitable for films having lower density nearer to 0.90 g/m which makes them versatile in operation
  • Provides excellent glossy look, extreme transparency & fine finish to any job profile


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