Standard L Clamp Electrode

Static charge eliminators are highly efficient static eliminating bars, designed for neutralising electrostatic charges from fast-moving plastic films, paper, and other non-conductive substrates (webs) in explosion-prone environments. A row of electrodes, provided along the active length of the bar, generate ions of both polarities, ensuring that positive and negative charges are effectively neutralised. power sources VECONTROL VE-1M are designed to provide high voltage AC supply to VECONTROL (VE STD2) Standard Twin Electrode . They give stable high voltage output even under severe operating conditions.

Manufactured by: VECONTROL Shree Vishwakarma Electro Service, India

Key Features

Certified for use in hazardous environments
Safe even when power supply is off; by passive discharging through electrodes
Ease of installation through ’’L” Clamp for mounting
No maintenance required, except for periodic cleaning
230 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase & 440v ,50/60 Hz, Three Phase input with power supply unit
Aluminium fabricated, matte anodizing
Discharge range of 10-25 mm
Standard design suitable for speeds up to 150 m/min. For higher speeds, other options available
Discharge range of 30 mm, under ideal conditions
2.5 metres interconnecting cables. Custom made higher lengths possible


Sturdy, reliable construction
CE marked
Maintenance free, except for occasional cleaning
Easy installation, commissioning
Compact, rugged, dust proof, matte anodizing, Aluminium fabricated
Provides stable high voltage output even under severe operating conditions


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