Round Aluminum Electrode 

The VECONTROL (VE-RNE1)Round static eliminator electrode is highly suitable for installation on vertical form and fills machinery. The system provides 360-degree ionization and helps in eliminating the static on the entire surface of the material being fill. Controlling the static charge helps in eliminating the entrapment of filler material in the seal area of the bag and avoids unsightly & static cling" of the fill material to the inside of the bag.

We manufacture circular version with internal diameters ranging from 3” to As per requirement. These are used in applications where 360o neutralization is required such as plastic pipe, extrusions, vertical form fill packaging machines, textile slivers etc.

Key Features

  • Powder coated, Aluminium fabricated
  • 230 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase & 440v ,50/60 Hz, Three Phase input with power supply unit
  • Stable HV output, with in-built current limit
  • 2.5 metres interconnecting cables. Custom made higher lengths possible
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • CE marked


  • Compact, rugged, dust-proof, powder coated construction, fabricated of aluminium
  • Maintenance free, except for occasional cleaning


  • Plastic pipe extrusions
  • Pouch packing machine
  • Vertical form fill packaging machines
  • Textile Silvers etc


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