How to Install Norton Antivirus 2010 on a Computer? It is definitely easy in case you follow the instructions that are inside the activation email that you just received. At the time you installed the software it made an activation email with the instructions for you to install the software program. navigate here You just need to follow all the instructions and it will be attached to your computer successfully.

How to Install Norton Ant-virus 2010 on a House windows 10 System? First you should connect to the Internet. Once you get connected to the web click on the “Downloads & Install” icon on the left bar, or if you were given to a download site you will need to click there. Upon having chosen a download record you will need to navigate to the “Downloads” section and choose where you want to get started.

If you cannot see any means to fix selecting a down load option in the downloads and install Norton antivirus web page it means that your operating-system does not are able to install this kind of software. The next phase is to connect to a good dependable connection to the online world (cable, DSL, and so forth ) and follow all the steps necessary just for this process, this certainly will include the installing of the software.