Bubble Air Controller

Nowdays in mgf. Of plastic bags just like zabia,Shoppingbags,Kirana Bags manufactures are facing a problem of productionlose,hugs wastage size variation due to air leakage. To facing such a problems we have manufactured new instrument VECONTROL(VM-402) BUBBLE AIR CONTROLLER.

Main Features:

  • Reducing air leakage
  • Reduce size variation even through puncture
  • Reducing wastage in production,easy operating
  • Saving time.


  • Extrusion film plat of H.M. \LL.D, L.L.D.P, P.P, P.V.C Product.


  • When film get puncture in bubble size will reduce so bubble air controller is automatic on & flow of air start and stop when actual size is received which we have preset.


This instrument is install near seizer ring of plastic extrusion machine to easy operation.